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Welcome to Ramya Hospitals’ obstetrics and gynecology department. A pioneer in women’s healthcare services for over three decades, we are dedicated to providing thorough, compassionate care to women of all ages.


We recognize that each woman’s health journey is unique, so our team of skilled gynecologists and certified nurses provide personalized treatment for each patient. Prenatal care, delivery services, and gynecologic care, such as yearly check-ups, screenings, and treatment for disorders such as menopause and uterine fibroids, are all available from our trained obstetricians and gynecologists.

Expert Women's Healthcare

Expert Women's Healthcare

Our gynecology services provide a broad spectrum of treatments for women of all ages. Whether it’s a routine check-up or an emergency operation, our specialists are prepared to handle any circumstance with the highest care and competence.


Our obstetrics services assist new moms with everything from pre-conception planning to pregnancy management. We believe in fostering both mother and baby’s health and provide sophisticated prenatal diagnosis and treatment choices.


At Ramya Hospitals, our Obstetricians and Gynaecologists are renowned for their expertise and vast experience in the field. They are deeply committed to delivering exceptional care to every patient they serve. 

Our procedures & services

Our department offers a wide range of specialized treatments and services designed to cater to the distinct needs of women’s health:

Antenatal, Perinatal, and Postnatal Care:

Comprehensive care offered to pregnant mothers during pregnancy, delivery, and the postpartum period, assuring the mother’s and baby’s health and well-being.

Cesarean Section (C-Section):

The birth of a baby through an incision in the uterus or abdomen of the mother, commonly performed when vaginal delivery is not feasible or safe.


Removal of the uterus, partially or entirely, to treat various gynecological conditions like fibroids, cancer, or chronic pelvic pain.

Oophorectomy (Ovariectomy):

The surgical removal of one or both ovaries, often done to treat ovarian cysts or tumors or reduce the risk of ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cystectomy:

This treatment eliminates ovarian cysts, which grow on the ovaries and cause discomfort or hormonal imbalances.

Fetal Assessment and Ultrasonography:

Advanced imaging methods are used throughout pregnancy to examine the development and well-being of the fetus, allowing for early diagnosis of any problems.

Normal Deliveries:

Natural childbirth without surgical intervention, supported by experienced healthcare professionals to ensure a safe and comfortable birthing experience.

Cervical Cerclage:

A surgery in which the cervix is stitched together to prevent early dilatation during pregnancy, minimizing the risk of premature birth.


Female sterilization procedure that permanently prevents pregnancy by blocking or sealing the fallopian tubes.

Myomectomy (Fibroidectomy):

The procedure of removing uterine fibroids non-cancerous growths that can cause pain, heavy bleeding, or fertility issues.

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Looking to arrange a meeting with our skilled Obstetrics and Gynecology experts? Follow the link below to take the first step. Count on us to provide outstanding care and individualized assistance for you or your loved one’s health journey.