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Welcome to the Gastroenterology Department at Ramya Hospitals, where our unwavering dedication and enthusiasm fuel our mission to provide exceptional care for digestive health and well-being.


The Gastroenterology Department of Ramya Hospitals specialises on comprehensive digestive health treatment. Our skilled team provides modern diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventative gastrointestinal services, supporting well-being and digestive health. We assure excellence in resolving a wide range of digestive diseases and issues by utilising cutting-edge technologies and a patient-centred approach.
Gastroenterology Care

Patient-Centric Gastroenterology Care

Individualized and empathetic treatment is provided to every patient. Your doctor will address all of your concerns, address all of your questions, take into account your entire medical history, and collaborate with you to identify the treatment strategy that is best for your particular medical requirements. In brief, our gastrointestinal specialist, who adheres to the Gastroenterology treatment recommendations or gastrointestinal treatment guidelines, will take care of your gastric problems, their treatment, procedures involved, cost, recovery, and side effects.

Our procedures & services

Our Gastroenterology Department provides comprehensive care for a wide range of gastrointestinal disorders, including:

ERCP for Bile Duct Stones:

ERCP procedures are used to treat complicated benign/malignant biliary strictures and big bile duct stones.

EUS-Guided Therapy:

Using EUS guidance, advanced endoscopic procedures are used to treat biliary, pancreatic, and gastrointestinal illnesses.

Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG):

This procedure involves inserting a feeding tube into the abdomen to nourish patients who have trouble swallowing.

Multidisciplinary GI Care:

Comprehensive treatment for gastrointestinal illnesses by a group of experts, including inflammatory bowel disease and gastrointestinal cancer.

Pancreatic Necrosectomy:

This surgical procedure removes the pancreatic’ necrotic tissue, which is necessary for treating severe pancreatitis.

Endoscopic Tumor Treatment:

Exact endoscopic therapies, such as ESD, EMR, and STER procedures, for benign and early stomach/bowel malignancies.

Esophageal Stricture Dilatation:

This procedure uses endoscopy to widen the esophagus in order to improve swallowing ability.

GI Bleeding Disorders:

Professional management of gastrointestinal bleeding, including gastric varices treatment with EUS coils.

Endoscopic therapy for Achalasia (POEM):

Cutting muscles during endoscopic therapy for achalasia is a helpful achalasia treatment method. Treatment for achalasia with endoscopic therapy involves cutting muscles to enhance esophageal function (POEM).

Ramya Hospitals is the place to go for advanced gastrointestinal care.

Ramya Hospitals provides outstanding gastrointestinal treatment. We are a premier destination for gastrointestinal treatment because to our expert team, superior facilities, and dedication to your well-being. You can rely on us to deliver personalised care and cutting-edge therapies for a healthier digestive system and a higher quality of life.

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